How could they do this to me??

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December 21, 2008 9:29pm CST
I saw the most awful so-called Christmas Movie the other night. I will not tell you the name of it in case anyone here was going to see it. I would'nt want to ruin your viewing of the movie. Anyway....the movie is about a family that has fallen on hard times and it gets worse right up until christmas. No, one dies, and the family does stay together, but when the credits rolled with no happy ending or even a glimmer of hope for their situation to improve I was PISSED!! If you are not the kind of person that gets depressed around the holidays it will make you angry. If you are the kind of person that gets depressed this movie could almost want to make you commit suicide. I realize that film makers feel they have a responsibility to show us all facets of life, but come on!!! A Chrstmas movie should have a happy ending for at least one of the characters! I am still very upset about this movie...... Have you ever had a movie affect you strongly?
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• Malaysia
22 Dec 08
I will get angry the movie which supposed to be happy ending did not have a happy ending... I watched movie "The Fog", it's about a group of people trapped in a mall in a small town when the alien creatures from another dimension being accidentally released by the military. They need to escape the mall and find help while the obstacles were not only come from outside, but also come from a group of religious extremist which founded by a crazy lady in panic... Everything were hopeless. Finally, they made it for the escape and it seems like a hope there. But the director of the movie shatter that little of hope of audience by forcing the leading actor to kill his own son when he thought they are going to be eaten by a approaching monster... which turn up to be a military tank... That was very disturbing for me!
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• United States
24 Dec 08
That wasn't The Fog, that was The Mist....But yeah, I still get your point. That was pretty messed up.
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26 Dec 08
Yeah, that was a good movie. I was bummed about the ending of that one too. Well it was different because I just wasn't expecting it to end that way. With the movie I watched it was like it went off before it could end properly. there should have been a hppy ending and there wasn't!