I'm frustrated with the satellite TV service

@kaka135 (14235)
December 22, 2008 3:46am CST
I haven't been using the satellite TV service for a few days, at first I thought it's the service problem, it always has some problems, such as upgrading their service. I just called to the customer service center, they told me that they have to send a technician guy to check out what the problem is, and I have to pay them 50 dollars for the service, no matter if it's really the problem with the satellite dish or not. Well, it's not common to charge outdoor service in my area. After considering everything, I have no choice but gotta call for the technical service, otherwise I will have no chance to watch the TV, or I have to terminate the service. Well, I've asked, if I want to terminate the service, I need to give one month notice, and I have to pay for another month, though I am not using the service. Perhaps it's really common in business world, but I really do not like the service of the satellite TV company in my area. But what to do? He's the only company which offers satellite TV service, and he is monopolize the whole market, he can do whatever he wants to do. Also, I just do not like handling all these troubles. I just want to rant a bit, and now I feel much better. Gotta forget the unhappiness and be happy always! ^_^
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@JenInTN (27545)
• United States
22 Dec 08
Yes kaka...be happy. I hate satellite tv service too. I currently have a bundle package that includes my cable internet and phone service through the cable company. It's a little more expensive by the month but when you add up service fees and problems from satellite companys,it's worth it. I hate they are the only provider in your area.Maybe someone will give them a little competition soon.
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@kaka135 (14235)
• Malaysia
23 Dec 08
Thanks JenInTN for your response. I'm fine now, and I've called the technician guy to come and fix it, and it's working now. Yeah, the problem is about the company monopolize, it always makes things worse. I hope there are more competitors entering the market soon.
• India
11 Jan 09
Hello my friend kaka135 Ji, Well, let anything be there, we all suffer with such problems. I do not have any Settelite Tv, instead Cable Tv. I do not watch TV much, i require only 3-4 channels, which are always available through cable TV connections. I need News/Entertainment/sports. So my requirements are limited. but i suffer mostly with ISP, they are not upto the mark. My main problem is that I keep shuttling between two of our sons and oiur home town. Also, I can not go without ISP, I may live withoiut TV, but not without Internet, myLot is my diet. But let it be anything, no one wants to deliever the goods in time and as per standard ones. We have to co-operate with this life. may God bless you and have a great time.