is it true that for every rule there is an exeption/ general?

is it true that for every rule there is an exeptio - ?
December 22, 2008 8:44am CST
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@AlephWren (135)
• Argentina
22 Dec 08
Probably, but thats just a supossition, because if the rule-makers could think about this, then these shouldn't be called rules, or rules wouldn't exist xD
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@brian_s (570)
• United States
22 Dec 08
There are exceptions to every rule, and that means that there are also exceptions to the rule that states that there are exceptions to every rule. So there are rules that have no exceptions. I know that is a bit paradoxical, but so be it.
• Lubbock, Texas
22 Dec 08
Considering that nothing is totally black and white, yes there is always an exception to every rule. If the world could be just right and wrong, things wouldn't be so confusing, but there are always different circumstances.
@luoke1 (377)
• China
22 Dec 08
Naturally there shouldn't be exceptions,but people always and would always find ways to beat the rules and make exceptions.