Memories - Boon or sin????

December 22, 2008 9:32am CST
Every single individual has memories of the past.. He faces both horrid sorrows and happiness... You might want to think over the happy times again and again, never the failures/heart break/break up of ur life...Wat if there were no memories??? Would u prefer it or not???
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• India
25 Apr 09
In the recent past i heard a story i thinh which will be suitable for this. Once there were two lovers who started their luv in a bus stand and after a few yrs of deep luv the girl broke up. After seeing this the god himself offered the guy a wish which can be anything that he likes to overcome the sorrow. After thinking a while the guy asked for a wish which will make him forget his past love memories and go back to the life where that girl wont be there. His wish was granted and he immediately went to the past to the bus stop where he actually met her, the whole process continues again, and that is fate. So none can avoid our memories, if its possible there wont be any human animals, all would hav been ape still.