One thing I wish that mylot did after responding to discussions...

@CRSunrise (2982)
United States
December 22, 2008 9:47am CST
I wish that mylot gave you recommended discussions after you've responded to someone else's. They do that after you submit your own discussions and if the discussion you're responding to does not already have responses. It'd be nice to have somewhere to go have you've done your "talking."
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@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
22 Dec 08
Yes that would be helpful, that way you could spend all your time just responding to recommended discussions given by mylot. The only problem I would see is that how would mylot choose these discussions in a fair way so as not to seem prejudiced think if they started to give you discussions fro one person then that would cause a public outcry ,they would have to write program that searches for a certain type of keyword in discussions ,like what they do with related discussions. Good suggestions though if they can fine tune it.
@EAStanley (2688)
• United States
22 Dec 08
Yes, that would be nice. I see that every once in a while. But almost never. I wish that would happen more often! :)