Rock Band for Christmas...hee hee hee

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December 22, 2008 1:15pm CST
Okay, so maybe this should be in gaming or something, but it is actually funny.. My mom bought the game Rock Band for our family as an early Christmas gift. She thought that it might be a fun addition to our family game night because we all love music and have rockedout Guitar Hero for quite a while now. haha.... So, I am babysitting for my friend's daughter today, and my two sons asked to play the game. She is singing, my youngest is the drummer, and my oldest is the gtarist.... It is hilarious to watch them. They think they're a real rock band! ...and they aren't too bad at it really.... It is so cute! She's really whaling, belting out the words to songs from my teenage years that she has ever heard.... He's pounding the drums like he is possessed by Tommy Lee or Travis Barker or something.... The other is rocking the guitar like Slash or Keith Richards..... It is so funny.... Do any of you have this game? Have a funny story to share about it? I'd love to hear about it! I'm laughing my butt off watching these three! They range from 7 years old to 9... It is hilarious! I wish I had video camera!
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@vicki2876 (5640)
• Canada
26 Dec 08
I can see it now. HAHA We received the rock band for playstation 2 for christmas this year with an extra guitar so we all are rockin' out and it is so fun to watch the kids get into it. I had the mic a few times and now I have lost my voice. I just hope it comes back before I go back to work. I can see it now, my co workers and the children I work with finding out Miss Vicki was playing Rock Band all christmas break. It is very addictive though. We have spent hours and hours playing it with the phone ringing and no one running for it. LOL Don't know it that is a bad thing. My children are 13 9 and 7 and I am shhhh 32. HAHA It was a really nice gift to get and I am thankful because it is another thing we can share as a family.
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29 Dec 08
We are having a blast with it. We have played it for hours and hours, too. I love that it is something we can all do together. It is so much fun! My fingers are so sore from playing the guitar, and I am also on the verge of losing my voice from singing. My husband and youngest son love the drums!
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