Christmas coming and the crisis looming...

@eliezl (766)
December 23, 2008 12:15am CST
Hello there MyLotters (an invention, Im not sure if somebody used this word though hehe)! Few days to go before Christmas. Specifically it is just 2 days to go before Christmas (Phil. time)..I am aware of the fact that not soo many people are happy these days despite the season. What with the economic crisis that has affected lots of countries, the many untimely layoffs and force leave of companies leave these people having nothing to give and provide to their families especially in this season. While some people tried in vain to stay jolly, some also just prefer to complain and mope in their situation. Before, I may share the same sentiments. That is because, I was blinded on its true meaning. I have realized that I have come to look at Christmas as a necessity to celebrate and give and a time for people to have something new from head to foot or acquiring the latest state-of-the-art gadgets, to join parties, to decorate home, the food, festive celebration and all those materialistic reasons that all of u are aware WOULDN'T LAST. Its like Christmas is a hype. I'm not being a hypocrite here and start saying to forget all those material things. Afterall, we humans have difficulty in staying contented. What I'm trying to say though is that, why not have both? If one can't have both, then why not at least, just be thankful on what we already have and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas? In my case, I may not have enough to give to my family, but at least, I'm thankful that I got to celebrate it with my whole family, that I still able to give money to them to spend and eat, that my family is healthy. I also have to pray and celebrate the birth of Jesus, go to church and greet Him. Have a blessed Christmas everyone. Also let us all pause and reflect on what the economy is going through. Sure it has affected us in many ways, but it also has provided us an IMPORTANT LESSON which is TO SAVE..TO BE PRACTICAL..we aren't sure of the future, we can't predict what will happen and we can't prevent what will likely happen. But if we are all prepared, put aside our savings, minimize debts (hard it may sound and do), we may at least lessen its impact to us. We could start thinking like this too since New Year is about to come and most of us are already thinking and listing their New Years Resolutions. *_* Take care.
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