how much do you give to the carolers?

December 23, 2008 7:55am CST
There was a girl who handed us a letter this morning that says they are coming tonight for a caroling, and so they did. I know my 3 year old son would be excited to see carolers and sing along with them so while he's singing with them I was looking for the envelope they handed me earlier, I guess it's where you place the money also. I handed them the envelope with php 50 and then they stopped singing and my son was asking for more, but they didn't sing anymore, heck their voice wasn't even great! I know for some 50 isn't big but for a person like me, it is! I felt like they did not deserve my fifty pesos! I know christmas is about giving but 50 pesos for only two songs!?! and they were not even kids! hahaha! I'm sorry guys, I just wished they sing more for my kids. How much do you give to your carolers? and do you wait till they get tired of singing before giving? do you base it on how many they are or how young or old they are?
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@mjoy07 (202)
• Philippines
23 Dec 08
I gave 5php for children carolers, but for those young adult carolers, i gave 20php. they have an envelop to give to you for you to put your money on it.
• United States
23 Dec 08
i honestly have not seen carolers in my area since the 1970's. i'm not sure why they stopped,maybe it's just too dangerous now. but i would give them a few bucks if they stopped by.