Do u experienced the same thing?...

December 23, 2008 8:31am CST
It is not new in any organization to have factions. One is of friend to one but not to others though in a same org. In my case, I try to be in a middle at all times, but still there are closer friends than the others. This afternoon an officemate was making faces or actions which are traits of my other officemate who happens to be closer than the former. In that occassion, I just smiled, perhaps caught unaware. But later I realized that there is something wrong with what she did, and so I texted her. I said "I would be very glad if you will not act the same way again in my presence. Just want to emphasize that I am not mad, just dont want to be confronted again with the same situation in the future". I know I did the right thing. I know lots of "talks" will appear in the future. But I no longer care, what I know is I have defended my friend even after the incident happened..How about you?.Had you experienced similar thing?..
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@sanuanu (11237)
• India
24 Dec 08
I am not a very strong person. I never take part in those discussion and specially if something is being said against my friends, I try to hide from that. I tried to speak against it once and the situation wasn't that good for me.