what will you think before visiting somebody's profile??

@yadav8797 (1211)
December 23, 2008 11:56am CST
friend, whats the first things comes in your mind when you are looking to visit somebody's profile?? friend,what analysis you do before visiting somebody profile on mylot?? can visiting somebody's profile on mylot depends on the type of discussion created by particular person or what??
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@HADDOWZ (1481)
29 May 10
If and when I visit someone's profile page it could be for several reasons. I like to see where members are from in different countries. I like to see what different interests they have and see if I find any new interests myself. I also like to see how long they have been members for and how active they are. I only do the last one to see if they would be an active friend or not. Happy profile viewing today and always in myLot.
@tryxiness (4548)
• Philippines
23 Jan 09
I would try to analyze first the "behaviour" of the person in mylot. And in scanning the person's profile, I would try to find relationship to every interest the person has and to each response the person does.
• India
24 Dec 08
Well, when I look in someone's profile, I used to see discussions in his/her profile and if most discussions match my interests I then send friend request to him/her so that we can share and give opinions to each others discussions.
@eshaan (6192)
• India
24 Dec 08
i dont visit anybody's profile for discussion..may it be any type...but when i get friend request i definitely go once to see, from where the particular person is, which country etc....and sometimes if the discussion is about some particular season or clilmate...then i see that which is the place with such weather conditions...thatz all !!!
@winterose (39893)
• Canada
24 Dec 08
I am so busy everyday trying to fit as much stuff into the internet I really don't have the time, so very rarely do I look at a profile.
• United States
23 Dec 08
I see the profile picture for the person and if it's something that caught my eye, I'll check out the profile. I don't look into it much further.