The most romantic proposal you have ever given,gotten or think of giving ?

@ronnyb (6117)
December 24, 2008 4:06am CST
I was thinking of marriage proposal but then I though why limit it to that ,any kind of romantic proposal will suffice. For ladies who have been married you could tell how you were proposed to if you thought it was romantic and if it isn’t then tell how you would have loved to be proposed to ?. The same goes for men who have proposed already ,how did you do and what could you have done better ?.For unmarried women have you ever been proposed to and was it the most romantic and if not how would you have wanted it ?.For men thinking of proposing ,how do you think you would want to do it?..Maybe you can get some pointers here . Most persons think that the ideal proposal should involve some kind of ring ,some mood ,proper time and some kind of kneeling (usually the men).Do you agree that all of the above must be present entirely or in part before a marriage proposal can be successful. Maybe you are an unorthodox persons and thinks that such proposal are corny and you want something original, well here is your opportunity to submit the perfect proposal. Thank you for responding
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