If you have this remote? Do you think it will release your evil side too?

@ivygrey (550)
December 24, 2008 6:16am CST
Like in the movie, Adam Sandler is a reponsible father but so poor in time management. Or let me just say he really have no time for his family. He was a nice guy but when he had this remote control , Things change. If you'll get the chance to have this remote, Do you think it will release your evil side too?
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@s8tern (76)
• Egypt
24 Dec 08
well, like i heard in one game " too much power in one man's hand always brings evil "... and thats exactly what happened in the movie, they gave him too much power using this remote, and he naturally used it without thinking of the consequences , and he paid dearly for it, and i think that this is human nature, and dont you dare go telling me that a woman would have never gone that path, believe me, a woman would've got the same fate, why? because it is human nature, and women are humans too you know... so to answer your question, yes, definitely yes....