teacher the best profession

@kixsh101 (1346)
December 24, 2008 7:38am CST
I hope you will agree with me, that being a teacher is the best profession. I admit I am not one, but I believe it is the most noble and the most important profession ever! Just ponder this: If there is no teacher, then there would be no other professions such as doctors, engineers, artists, pharmacists, and all other professions.
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@yxinxin (466)
• China
11 Jan 09
I quite agree with you. Teaching is the noblest profession because without teachers, there would be no other professions, also because teachers cannot grow very rich. Their work is challenging but their income is fixed.
@kixsh101 (1346)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
I agree! Most of the teachers' salary don't really pays off for them to become richer. I hope the government will find ways so they will be given enough compensation on the noble service they are providing.
@Pose123 (21666)
• Canada
24 Dec 08
Hi kixsh, I agree with you that teaching is the most noble of professions. That, of course is not to take away anything from other professions, it's just the way I feel. While your point is well taken that there wouldn't be other professions without teachers, it is clear that we need everyone and we can't all be professional teachers. Blessions.
@kixsh101 (1346)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
Thank you for dropping by. Though we can't all be professional teachers in some way we are sharing our expertise like them,in this way we are becoming little mentors or teachers.
@my1341 (459)
• China
20 Feb 09
There is a saying "teacher is the most noble profession under the sun". But teachers haven't got the due respect in terms of reward and social status. I don't quite agree with you as far as the teacher personnel is concerned.
@tepitenio (119)
• Israel
18 Jan 09
beeing a teacher is the best profession, but no because of what you said (even i found it very very true). Is the posibility to let someone grow, advance, develop, know himself, to teach him how to know himself, and discover how much he/she can accomplish, you can!!! And when you see the results you feel a heart o-r-g-a-z-m, doesnt it? You start crying and your partner ask you: what had happened? And you respond: Nothing, is just that I saw a student overcome a difficult himself. This apply to every teacher, basic, prep, university, capacitacion, religion, business, everything. This is the more rewarding profession because our heart gains so much, that in no other profession can.