Still Love you...

December 24, 2008 9:50am CST
Hii friends, It is said that if we share our feelings then we feel better and happier. So if in your life you miss someone or love someone even though he/her doesn't loves you, then you can freely share your feelings of your heart. You know, i miss my friend RAJ very much. We were friends when i was living in jharkhand. At that time i was only 15 years old and and still after so many years we are friends. We talk by phone but never got chance to meet, but still we miss each other very much. So if you all have such incidents, then please tell us and i garente you, u will feel better and will meet that person if you miss him from your Heart.
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• India
24 Dec 08
there is old saying only one thing is permaent in life that is change and change happen everywhere you have to accept change and i want to add up one more thing in it as per my opinion there are two more things which never end one is love and second is friendship if you miss your friends its really a natural thing which happen to everyone if i lost any true friend in life due to any curcumstances still i miss him as its happen with you same thing happen with me one of my best friend was a girl who was really close to me but after her and mine marrage we are away from us since long time and still i miss her alot .she was one of my best friend i m not talking about afair she was my friend and i really miss her. and you are right since a long time i share this fact with someone who is you. and i m feeling light . and i want to thank you to start this kind of discussion which really give other an opportunity to refresh their own memrios. thanks a lot.