Would you like to Micromanage or be micromanaged?

December 24, 2008 11:02am CST
You must have encountered bosses who would like to micromanage, you, your time and your activities. How did you respond to them? Like when I just joined my organization, I had a boss who was opinionated enough to feel all freshers from college lack a perception of reality.He also felt that we might not know really our engineering subjects that well. I was loaded with the most uninteresting chores. As it is I wasn't finding my job all that interesting on top of it, I had to do the chore. If I failed this man would pull me up. I started feeling I ws being micromanaged. In the absorption interview after the mandatory one-year on-the-job training I just told the Interview Board that all I had learnt in the year was to photocopy, duplicating, and prepare material requisition slips. "In the passing", I told them I might have learnt something about the technology, I may not for all I know be sure of what I had learnt is right. Then I happened to answer the Board's technical question right. The next day the boss was pulled up for making a donkey out of me. He spent the following day rebuking me and ragging me further. I told him, I had no regrets. I would have liked to be initiated to the core job of mine. It was then that he came out with the real fact- that the subject[Electronic Controllers] was so new to him that he was still not trained. Before that he had to deliver. In fact he came clean breasted that if he could be taught electronics he wouldn't mind learning. I started a series of classes and went on to teach him Opamp based design- where I told him that circuits really work close to their designed value! As and when I showed him demonstrations, of experiments he was just stunned. Ever since we became fast friends, more than boss/subordinate.Did you have any such experiences? How did you cope?
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