Do you carry a briefcase to office? What all do you keep in it?

December 24, 2008 11:39am CST
I do carry a briefcase to office but more often than not my briefcase has nothign but a few personal letters and a letter pad. Sometimes I do keep my credit card in it but i avoid it as I feel it is safer in my pocket. I really do not need to carry the briefcase, but i do out of force of habit. Do you carry a briefcase to office? Do you store important documents in it?
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• India
24 Dec 08
I carry a leather Office Bag to office. This is because I carry some reading material like books and papers. Some other documents that I need to remember to carry. There that is the main reason. Remembering all the things that I might need while at office, is what I consider a trivial thing- so I shove that all in. I am always engrossed in grander thoughts. So, for me carrying a bag containing all the paraphernalia to office is the simplest way not burden my memory with trivia. Instead I would like to remember a few Vyakarana Sutras or Vedanta Sutras.
• United States
24 Dec 08
I do not carry a briefcase, however I do carry a messenger bag that holds all my belongings. Also, I go to school in the evening, so this also works as a double and I carry my school books as well. I like looking professional while having all the things I need.