Which time format do you use in your mobile to see time?

December 25, 2008 12:42am CST
Actually there are two types of time format. 12 and 24 hours. I have seen many of the people using only 12 hour format. Let us discuss how many use 24 hours and 12 hours time format. I usually prefer to use 24 hour time format. I think 24 hour time format is the most generalized time format used every where..
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@williamjisir (22900)
• China
31 Dec 08
Hello visitsenthil. I use 24-hour format in my cell phone. So it is the same with the time format in my computer. Take care.
• India
31 Dec 08
Yup.. tk cr.. happy myLotting and advance happy new year wishes..
• United States
25 Dec 08
On my mobile I use 24 hours time format because I'm from Europe. But every single clock, watch and mobile phone has 12 hours format. why? Just because I am attending college in the US. Funny stuff is that some of them doesn't how to read 24 hours format. Yeah, it makes me laugh every single time. hehe
• India
25 Dec 08
yeah ur right man.. many struggle with 24 hr time format.. he he..
@dream_ozn (1757)
• Singapore
4 Sep 10
I usually use the 12 hours format. For me, I would need to use my fingers to help me calculate the time during the evening should it be in the 24 hour format. I do agree that the 24 hours format is the most generalised time format used everywhere, but I feel more comfortable with the 12 hours one. It's more straight forward.
@priyayogi (222)
• India
25 Aug 10
hi,we spend the time we use mobile at morning to evening.we avoid to use mobile at night.and then one important matter is we use mobile except college or school.it is very disturb our studies.so we avoid that time use mobile.