Have you ever experienced the same situation?

December 25, 2008 3:37am CST
I'm a Chinese college student who lives far from my hometown. In China, the Spring Festival is approaching and we as students are going to have a holiday which makes us excited. That means we can go home and celebrate it with family. But we are facing a big problem now, because it is hard to buy a train ticket. Every year of this time thousands of student are going to buy train tickets and the tickets are very hard to buy, you may wait in line for three or even four hours. It's really a challenge. The train is full of people and it is uncomfortable to stay there. Have you ever experienced the same situation? I want to know your idea.
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• China
18 Apr 09
Yes, it is hard time. Everyyear, I gone through twice worried about the ticket problem. Luckily, I got the ticket fianlly, everytime. I have graduated now, I recalled the train experience I have many to complain. If u child is a girl, my suggestion is not sending her too far away from home.
• India
25 Dec 08
• United States
25 Dec 08
I kinda know how you feel because I am a college student too who lives far away from home. If I was you I would wait in that line for 4-5 hrs if I had to! Family is something special and I'm really sad because I can see mine only once a year (summer time). I think you should stand in that line and go home so you could see your family and have with them! It is worth every minute you wait to buy your ticket.