December 25, 2008 5:32am CST
yah, in many of our telivisions digital shoppy are popular about the weight reducing machine called saunabelt. it is an electrical one. one of my friends brought it to home. but he is not satisfied with it. to my knowledge, it dont work properly to reduce our weight. did you heard or used it and are you satisfied?
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• Philippines
1 Jan 09
Hello, yeah I have mine, I've ordered it for curiosity sake when I know that all it could just do is sip fluids for a while and when you return to your normal eating and activity, the fluids seeps back into the tissues, and there you are, right back where you started. It is not effective I say. Most of these quick-reducing schemes do not make a dent in our body"s fat. All it does, is just lose water. Test it and see: Weight yourself, drink two glass of water, and weigh yourself again. You will find that you have gained about a lbs.Thats the fluids that sauna belts sips.