are you think write is difficult

@Mansah (101)
December 25, 2008 6:41am CST
write is something that free and chip than another activity. so, anyone can write for anytime and anywhere. Write is not difficult if you will be practice it. may be for first time we are feel difficult for write because we don't know to start from where. i think that difficulty able to overcome with start write from this time and find the object that will become for write.
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• Indonesia
21 Jan 09
sometimes :) - if I dont have clue what I want to write about something. to make it easy, I must searching some of article or source to know it better. - if all I want to write is just in my mind. to make it easy, not wait for a long time to write everything that I want to write. anywhre and anytime just simple write it. dont make the ideas are dissapear :D
• Malaysia
25 Dec 08
for me it is not so difficult if u juz telling story about urself...but if i 've been told to write about other people than i have difficulties in that...