Domination and Control: Animal Handlers vs. Human Psychology

United States
December 26, 2008 3:52am CST
It is all in your approach, one person will choose to be aggressive and strong arm an animal. All bets are off the animal is considered wild and the bag is pulled out and placed over the head of the wild animal. We are all animals, have you ever had the wool pulled over your head (eyes)? Have you ever been kept in the dark to be controlled and manipulated? The other side of the issue is the opposite approach to evaluate and think the situation through, not all animals need to be controlled in such a manner, can you read the face of a fear biter or can you find the goodness in a creature that is truly loving? You can handle these animals with kid gloves, it is recorded that some wild animals can be handled effortlessly. The key is building a good relationship at the beginning showing the animal respect and earning their trust. Puppy dogs follow the ones they love for food and attention this affection keeps dogs obedient, change the routine and you have to start all over. Creatures of habit good habits or bad habits? We all have them and we all follow the same rules each and every one of us, yet we treat people differently. Sometimes we choose the wrong way to handle a person; as some people are bad and they need to be handled with cuffs and strong arms, or even more harsh methods. Some people get handled harshly because people have lied and created a false impression of the individual and extreme force is used when it was not necessary. How can we stop the abuse? How can we stop the lies? How can we get people to know and think? How can we teach people to identify lies before they grow out of control? How do we stop terrorism?
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@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
26 Dec 08
Control is something that I have always tried to get for myself. I learned early on that there were forces beyond my control and I concentrated on those that I could, namely myself. I might not be able to control somebody else's actions or thoughts but I could certainly control mine. Cheers!!
• United States
26 Dec 08
Yep being in control of your own actions and having people tell you that you were not in control when they were not at the scene to witness how you definitely were in control. So then who becomes the handler with the power to lie and falsely accuse others of actions that were not committed? I think getting a person to listen is the hardest part, but then that would be a form of taking control. I'd like to think taking control of your own life and offering the story for them to be a participant but not to jump to conclusions and claim things that are not true. Being a good listener and a good speaker is always good. The other side of the coin is if someone is telling a story and they prove that they did do something and then they are in denial to lie about what they did, that is not very good either. I have experience in both situations, where someone told me things that they did and then denied that they did those things. In what I have recorded everything is true because I allow others to speak for themselves and I provide the evidence organized and very well documented.