How to create own Website?

@harsha27 (205)
December 26, 2008 6:16am CST
To create webpage and Website what are the basic requirements . Is it compulsary to have vista operating system. please help me ot.
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26 Dec 08
There are a lot of services on the internet which will host a free website for you, and a lot of them also have editors on the site which are easy to use and will help you to build a site. Also, if you have MS Word, you can use that to create a web page from scratch and then upload it to your hosting site. The best thing to do is just to set up a website and learn as you go along.
@myklj999 (33079)
• Olney, Illinois
26 Dec 08
Well, you don't have to have Vista; if that was a requirement, there wouldn't have been any websites before Vista came out. Go to and they will help you set up a free web site.