Do you organize (in full detail) your files in your harddrive?

December 26, 2008 7:30am CST
I can be quite meticilous with my files ... I have several folders made so that I can classify each file accordingly and they'd be easier to find when needed. How about you?
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• India
16 Jan 09
yeah i do organize them in the most useful manner. but sometimes i don't get time to organize them as i have a very large hard drive. I use a software known as "avafind" which helps me find files quickly on my PC. happy mylotting !!!
@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
14 Jan 09
Here, we're the same. I'm also meticulous about my computer files. It eats up lots of my time especially when i just downloaded a new music album. I painstakingly rename the files just so it will be synchronous to my Windows Media Player. Some files just won't display correctly on the library so i have to do it manually. From track number to the year it was released. Complete with album covers. Videos must be in the videos folder, Pictures on My Pictures and so on. Every person must have his/her own folder like for example. If i have photos of you, i will put all your photos in one folder then rename the folder "natsvelascotan". First picture will be named 01 and so on. Whew! Downloaded applications are classified through it's version number.
@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
I do just fine I think. I have everything on the right drives and on the right folders and each folder is quite manageable. I think it's the Pictures folder that I'm very meticulous about with date formats and descriptive folder names so that I can browse through them well :) Thanks for the comment on my discussion! Happy New Year!
@mkmoney (468)
27 Dec 08
hello, natsvelascotan i most of the time organize all my files and folders by sorting them into different groups. i sometimes dont and when it get too much and everything is all over the places then i spend some time sorting them out again. i also delete all the shortcuts from my desktop only the ones that i dont use. so my desktop is always clean!
@Kumaresan (450)
• Malaysia
27 Dec 08
hello there... i'm also just like you... i keep my files, photos, music and documents all classified and store them on their respective types of folder... organizing files is really important in computer because searching in computer will take a lot of time if you didn't organize and store them properly... if we organize it, we can search the file faster and work with it in less time... not only in computers but also on our real life situation too...
@UK_Shree (3604)
26 Dec 08
I never used to, but then I soon realised that by having my files stored in an organised manner would save me so much time and so these days I am ultra organised!!
• United Kingdom
26 Dec 08
I guess the only kind of organisation that I do when it comes to the hard drive is use the defrag utility. I use this once per month and I guess this kind of organises the data on your disk so that it can be located easier. As regards files or folders I tend to just leave them alone in their original locations. Andrew
• India
26 Dec 08
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