How the world will be?

@mokbul (616)
December 26, 2008 9:06am CST
An equipment lie detector- they use it as supporting equipment in investigation but still not solely reliable. It needs other supporting to establish findings of lie detector. Suppose that some day much improvement is made in lie detector. It could detect one's thought 100% correctly and sold in he market similar to mobile phone set. Life will change completely. People will re-think before talking to spouse, to be spouse, friends, boss, in business - life style will completely changed. Probably telling lies will almost stop. Do think our daily life will be affected very much if lie detector becomes an equipment easily available in the market?
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• United States
26 Dec 08
Truth is increasingly rare these days, and that's a whole lot of what's wrong with our world. If we knew the truth, we'd be much better able to cope with life. Having to deal with what somebody wants us to know instead of what is real causes all sorts of unnecessary problems. Lying is one thing I find almost impossible to forgive for those reasons. One of the reasons so many people see hope in the upcoming Amerrican administration is that Obama has promised transparency. It may not be possible in all areas, but at least the effort will improve things tremendously. So, where can I get one of these wonderful devices?