Spam mails

@mokbul (616)
December 26, 2008 9:11am CST
Lot of spam mails are being posted by members here, some are really very attractive and innovative. Those spammers would have shine if they were in other profession. [i]Few days back I got an interesting and innovative spam mail quoted below: I'm XXXXX, Let me brief you basicly about the job resource. Success University. the CEO, Matt Morris, 31 years old is the Chief Founder of this Multi-Billion Industry in Self-Development. We have almost 65,000 associates from 175 countries. This website provides you the e-learning centre for an educational tools. Our coach is those Real & Successful people such as Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, C Maxwell and more. Those courses are for your reference and taught you how to survive in the e-world. You can learn it at your own pace, to maximize your skills and to gain more knowledge. The benefits is it's also allow you to earn just by inviting the others to enroll into this program. When you join as a Premium Membership you will received monthly educational tools such as EMPower Magazine & DVDs and Audio CDs to get even closer and hear from those famous people. Once you earn, you will received 'Global Cash Card' and you can cash out your money at any ATM Machine worldwide with the PLUS Logo sign. The advantage is your earning will automatically generate once you get just two personal enrollment. You get more excited once you see the amount being credited as your cash flows. You can "work" at your own schedule. You are able to make more friends or people from other countries as you enter into the 'e-world'. It doesn't take long for you to be recognize by the Top Producers. This exclude BONUS-YOUR RANK-LEISURE to be paid off. As you can see that how much success university appreciate all your efforts. This program might helps you to be financially freedom if you are willing to put an effort by sharing and enrolling the others to join you. Whatever decision you decide now will determine for what you want to be in a few years time. So why don't you take this 'little' challenge? I'm glad if you are truly interested. ! Once you sign up, i have to do a follow up with you. At least you are prepared to share with the others too. You can look into my profile for more info: http://www.XXXXXXXXXXXX To enroll, you may sign up here; Premium Membership: http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX OR Basic Membership: http://XXXXXXX The follow up is: Guide you through the website Get to access members area Get people to join and earn That's all about it. It so easy yet profitable. Any FAQ do note down. I would really like to hear from you soon! Best of luck! Regards, XXXXXXX[/i] I think it is a spam mail, do you think it may not be a spam?
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• India
26 Dec 08
this is soo full of crap! just report it happy lotting and have a nice day
@AnakSuNamun (2084)
• United States
26 Dec 08
Sounds like spam and it got most of red flags that mark a spam email: a long and seductive inroduction,big names that nobody's heard of,all sorts of bonus packs and easy money. If it was that easy,how come we haven't heard of real millionaires? The more people you invite,the more you make? Looks like a pyramid to me! I was actually surprised it only offered you to sign up online,I would've expected "Order today and pay $6.95 in shipping and handling" thing :)