Is it wrong to take money out of rivers and wishing well?

wishing well or river - peoples throw coins in wishing well and holly river
December 26, 2008 11:14am CST
Lot of peoples throw coins in river's and wishing well's all the time and unless it has intended purpose to help like helping peoples or the place using that money. So what do you say is it ok to take out peoples wish money or let it be just stay in their?
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@youless (98726)
• Guangzhou, China
5 Feb 09
I think it's not proper to take the money out of the wishing well. As this money doesn't belong to you. I love China
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@Sreekala (32787)
• India
27 Dec 08
It is a belief among people and they are throwing money into rivers for fulfilling their wishes. I really don't know the real fact behind it but I also heard the same. Some believe that if the unmarried girls (Kanyas) throw the coins into river they will get a blessed married life. I have also seen, people throw coins to the river 'Krishna' (a river which flows through Andhra Pradesh) while traveling in a train. I think that if the money got some fisherman, they will definitely use the money. The people who throw the same never know the fate of money. My opinion is, instead of laying the money in the river, that money can use poor people for fulfilling their needs. So the worth of money will increase and that way the people who thrown the money into river getting blessed because their money used to deal with somebody's hunger. So it is ok to take the money out and I am sure only the poor people will do the same because they are in the dire need of money.
@Sreekala (32787)
• India
5 Feb 09
Thanks for the BR.
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@shaggin (45690)
• United States
12 Feb 11
Well its really a matter of luck I think that people throw their money into fountains. I dont know about lakes or anything like that. If its a designated fountain that people are supposed to throw money into to benefit a organization then no I would not take the money ever because it is not meant for me. My kids love throwing money into those fountains so I usually give them a few cents each to throw in when we are at the mall that has a nice fountain. If I was swimming in a lake and saw money in it for sure I would pick it up and keep it.
@winterose (39898)
• Canada
27 Dec 08
I think it should stay there, the wishing well is there for a purpose and taking money that was not given to us personally in my opinion is stealing.