What do you think the relation between Tom and Jerry ? Friend or Something ?

@har360 (95)
December 26, 2008 2:25pm CST
When i was in childhood, many times i was saw this cartoon film. Sometime it's funny looking both of them chasing each other, and make some hit and run action, it's quiet entertaining for me, and sometimes make me laughing. Now i not child anymore, when i looking back to this cartoon, then i have a little question about them, how about they relation ? is it friend or something ? because in my point of view, i think tom and jerry actually is a friend. Just thinking when one of them just suddenly disappear and only left tom or jerry by himself. I think he must be lonely... Good news is, recently i have watching tom and jerry in very different version, they become a very good friend !, i don't know did you ever watch this version ? How about you, what do you think about tom and jerry relation ?
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@usercom (125)
• Indonesia
26 Dec 08
I agree with you, I think they are friend. Where you got a different version of tom and jerry..?? Is that fanfiction.?? Can u share it..?
@har360 (95)
• Indonesia
27 Dec 08
Nope, i don't have the tom and jerry friend version. I just saw it in my local television channel. I hope you soon have a chance to see this version too.
4 Oct 12
i love to watch watch tom and jery cartoon. that make me smile when i am in tension. i think it was a great entertainment show. every body will like this. i think tom and jery is a good friends. and they fight to laugh the audience.
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
12 Sep 10
Well i feel they are really funny. Besides all their fights, there is a friendliness in them..
@ryuvinta (153)
• Indonesia
4 Mar 09
tom and jerry is always fighting each other, always have problems that will make them fight, tom always chasing jerry and trying to eat it, but sometimes, they are being friend when there is theat that will make them scarry
@marylots (51)
• United States
26 Dec 08
Watching Tom and Jerry Shorts has always been my favorite pass time since I was a kid! In fact, I even named one of my cats, "Thomas" ( or "Tom" for short ), after the cartoon character "Tom". Tom and Jerry are neither good friends nor bad enemies. They are simply, the Cat and the Mouse, who make kids laugh at their shows. We also see that in most of Tom and Jerry shows, Tom often the one who "loses the game" and Jerry gets the triumph. It seems that the Tom and Jerry story writers favor the mouse more than the cat, which is actually the most interesting part for kids -- a small creature often outsmart the bigger one. Kids know that in real life, cat and mouse are bad enemies. Cat hates mouse, he would only want to kill it, play with and even eat it, but Tom and Jerry, like most other cartoon films, is just a fantasy, a twist of reality. The goal of the twist is just to make viewers laugh aloud and enjoy what they're watching. Even you see Tom and Jerry becoming good friends in certain shows, surely there's always a fighting between the two, no matter what, they are still the cat and the mouse....it's always the same old story:-)