any word on the game-hacking internet explorer glitch?

December 26, 2008 7:05pm CST
my wife plays some online games especially zuma. she joined one particular website which offers pay for winning a game. the problem is that she made several deposits but everytime she wins, instead of her cash growing, it dwindles. we observed that the website is not true to its claim. then one day, i read a news about a glitch in the Internet Explorer that allowed "hackers" to get into online games (or somewhere in that line). we tried changing our internet browser to Mozilla but couldn't load the game. it said it does not support the game format? how come? is this a scam so that this particular website only operates on IE and not in any other web browser? if not, what ever happened to the IE glitch that MS said they will address?
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• India
28 Dec 08
yeah they updated it i mean they have released a patch for it n now u go get it and keep ur pc safe or jsut use Firefox keep it safe cheers happy lotting and have a nice day!
• Philippines
29 Dec 08
thanks. why did that happen anyway? any idea?
• India
29 Dec 08
dunno some hackers do it for the money
• India
31 Dec 08
yah but tht's illegal! :|