Putting my dog to sleep

United States
December 26, 2008 7:21pm CST
It has been a while since I even got on here and posted anything, life has been busy and a little crazy. I have a 10 year old Boston Terrier and tomorrow I am taking him to the vet. I think I might have to put him to sleep. They believe that he has cancer. They put him on some meds to try and help with some of the pain he was having and they worked for about 2 weeks. He started to vomit tuesday and has more or less kept that up and he has not had a good poop since weds. He is also turning away food. I have so many feelings going through my head. I feel like a bad person putting him to sleep. like what will he think as they are doing it? And is he going to think i dont love him anymore? I think I have gotten over selfishness and I am willing to let him go because I know he does not like living in pain but I dont want him to think I am giving up on treating him. He is like a child to me. Since the day I brought him home he has slept with me and been my baby. I guess more or less this is just me needing to get some feelings out and cry a little. I know tomorrow is going to be a hard day and I really dont know how things are going to go but I dont think there is much more they can do for him. Thank you for taking the time to read this and kind of listen to my problems.
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@kaka135 (14115)
• Malaysia
27 Dec 08
Hi Sarah, It's sad to hear that your dog has cancer, is there any other method to cure besides putting him to sleep? Well, if it's the advice from the vet, perhaps it's the best way for him. I've seen my aunt putting her dog to sleep, I feel that it's really difficult decision to make, and I feel sad hearing about that too. But, I think this may be good for the dog, as he's really suffering. I've read an article, saying as long as you are beside him even though he's dying, he'll be glad. I think dogs understand when they are dying too. Just stay beside and accompany him. Wish you'll overcome the sadness soon.
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• United States
27 Dec 08
They do have Chemo for animals but it costs a lot and most animals die while in chemo. We are going to see our regular vet tomorrow so they will tell me the truth. They we closed for the past 2 weeks so we have to use a back up. this will be my 3rd dog that has been put to sleep but the first one i will be there for. Its going to be hard because through these 10 years i have not even watched him get a shot.
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@opalina143 (1239)
• Morristown, New Jersey
27 Dec 08
I'm so sorry. It is truly agononizing when a beloved animal is sick. It's terrible to watch them suffer but also terrible to make the decision to put them to sleep. I have lost a dog, and I know how painful it is. Please keep us all posted on how things turn out, you are in my thoughts tonight.
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