tricks in computer

December 26, 2008 11:36pm CST
hey guys you have heard that there are many tricks in computer. i have got some for you: 1)invisible icon- to do this just make a new folder and rename it by pressing left alt+ 0160, your folder name is erased and now just go in folder properties and change the icon to invisible i:e the blank space in the icon selection window. 2)speed up your pc- just make a new notepad document on desktop and write " mystring=(80000000) " in it and save it as " ram.vbe " file. after this is done just click on that icon and you will find that your computer is working a bit faster. 3)password to folder- to create a password to a folder just add it to winzip and create a password to open it. I will write some more in next disscussion. If you know some just write it........
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