I love westlife.

United States
December 27, 2008 11:14pm CST
When i was a kid, the first boyband that i like is westlife. i really all westlife old song,until now i still love to listen to those old song. when i hear those song,i feel relax n remember my young days. in westlife, i like shane,because he is so cool. he is the best 4 me! until now, i still love westlife. what about u?
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@brew2x (3094)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
Thank you for creating this discussion and it made me reminisce my younger days ... LOL ... =) Me and my friends went crazy over Westlife. We have watched their first concert, some of my friends was able to get great pictures of them and each of us created a scrapbook of them. It seems not enough so we tried to save more money for their second concert. This time we are much ready, we were able to watch their concert (was able to bring a video recorder though we are not so great in taping the show ... LOL). We managed to get a hotel room in where Westlife is also staying, we went up and down in the elevator and we will stop and open the door at the floor where they are staying trying to get a glimpse of them. We tried to follow them and befriend people that we thought to be with them. I've seen Shane at the restaurant of the hotel and Mark at the parking, I was not able to see my favorite Nicky real close but I managed to get a signature from him, Mark and Shane. I still got my scrapbook ... LOL ... I still love their old songs =)
@jhudy101 (373)
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
nice experience u have been tru just because of ur idols. nah i wonder how does shane looks like in person. shane had been my all time fave among the lads and i am so envy that u have the chance to see him close and even got the signature. i just hope i would have the luck to see him too. nah its just a crazy wish as it is almost impossible. but anyhow i would still be wishing even if it takes another decade haha
@brew2x (3094)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
Shane is really cute =) Nothing is impossible jhudy, you'll never know they might come up with a concert near your location =) Just make sure to watch =) Happy Mylotting!
@nathanye (196)
• China
17 Feb 09
The space of my MP4 is limited, so I have to delete some songs when it is full. But I haven't deleted any song of Westlife's. Every song is impresive. I really wish they could hold a concert in China.
• China
12 Aug 09
I am also a fan of Westlife!:)I really love them,and do you know that they have been with me for about 5 years?I never get bored about their songs,their songs are just amzaing and their voices are really very very attractive!no matter how I feel,I just like to listen to their songs,every song of them is just a special story.And listening to Westlife's songs also helps me with my English,thanks to them!!!!!! I will always surport them!!!!!!!!
@thaMARKER (2505)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
My sister used to like them before and she bought almost every CDs they’ve got in the market. I used to like some of their music before too but they kind of slide back from music world this time so I don’t know what’s been happening to them now. We still have some of their CDs at home and one of my nieces likes them and would play it often.
@skysuccess (8880)
• Singapore
28 Dec 08
yulisupercute, I can't agree more and I am also a fan here too. I just simply like their tuneful, melodic, simply structured music that doesn’t stray from the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-middle eight-chorus recipe of timeless tunes. And the other fact being, that they are four distinct individuals who come together and make something that is whole. Their love ballads are simply exquisite and delightful to hear. The band is also not cocky like and they are a force of British musical nature. Despite a rampaging media campaign against their favor, they managed to trounce the competition in a four way battle of album releases between themselves, U2, The Beatles and Oasis. Three of these bands were presenting bullet-proof, fail safe, platinum plated greatest hits packages. Westlife were the only ones that weren’t, with their sweetly rendered covers. I just love their sticking their guts out here in the music scene. A real great and fantastic band. Cheers.