I want to know why?

@saiKO92 (392)
December 28, 2008 1:42am CST
Lately, I've many people trying to promote other websites for money making in myLot. From my point of view, myLot is a place for discussion not a place where you should promoting other money making sites. Well, to me it is not wrong but to its not nice. If a person ask about other sites, then I wouldn't mind but at least the one who promoting should just ask other to view their profile (I know that we can put our banner in the profile). Why do people like to promote other sites??
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@misspipsi (237)
• Bulgaria
28 Dec 08
If you ask me people should not promote other money-making sites in mylot but they do.I have no idea why they do that but I can guess.Most of the people on mylot use other sites that pay.They want to get referals and they start promoting such sites on mylot.Other people see this and they want to have more referals too so they do exactly the same and the chain starts.That`s my opinion.
@saiKO92 (392)
• Malaysia
28 Dec 08
Yes, they shouldn't. They have their own blogs, so why don't they promote their blogs. With this, they can promote their referal links indirectly in myLot because what exactly they are doing is promoting their blogs.