Tickle Closing Down.

December 29, 2008 12:32am CST
I just went to check out the site tickle.com and found the announcement right at the top. Officially on December 31st 2008 Tickle will no longer be up and running. Will this affect you? Don't you hate when a good site closes down? What sites have closed on you?
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29 Dec 08
Hi Keely, I havent ever been to that website so i dont really think it will affect me that much. What was the content of the site about?
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29 Apr 09
The site contains personality tests. Some of them are PhD Certified that's why a lot of people are disappointed that the site shut down. One of those people is me.
@glesil_00 (1143)
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30 May 09
A site that closed down affects me if i am a registered member. Since i am a Tickle member i was sad that it was closed. I don't know it was not running anymore until last week that i tried to visit the site to answer some PhD Test. I answered lots of test here mostly PhD test. The thing that somehow i thank was i have had saved some of my result in my blogs in a social networking site. I love Tickle and i hope if they can not return, other similar site will come up. Aside from Tickle i do have other site that was close. Its music site, mean you can view music videos, and can embedded code to any social networking site.
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29 Apr 09
Yeah! I really hate it when sites like Tickle close. :(