Your Country's Pride

@xtian04 (282)
December 29, 2008 2:17am CST
What makes you proud about your country? What makes it a nice place to live in? Is it the culture? the people? the food? Share the best qualities of your country or your city & let us know why you love it. :P
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@dianne17k (588)
• Philippines
3 Jan 09
What makes me proud of the Philippines? hmmm... Definitely not the politics and the whole political system. lol. It's a marvelous place to live in where you never really run out of adventures and places to go to.
@clampz (21)
• Philippines
30 Dec 08
its the food!!!! and nice beaches too. our country is a tropical country thats why we have beautiful climate too.
@maximax8 (31168)
• United Kingdom
29 Dec 08
My home country has very picturesque countryside. It has pretty little villages with old cottages, including some that are thatched. It has historic cities like Chester and York that are a delight to explore. It is a safe place to live because it doesn't have any native animals that are dangerous or natural disasters like earth quakes and volcanoes. It has four distinct seasons and my favorite is summer.
@regal_aeros (2605)
• Singapore
29 Dec 08
the FOOOOOD!!! we're like the food paradise. we have food from many different cultures. we have chinese food, indian food, malay food, western food, all sort of food from different countries. and of course the level of security. to an extent, we have a relatively safe environment. though low crime doesn't mean NO crime (a campaign's tag line) but at least it's low crime. =X and our strict laws do deter some people from committing crimes (or so i hope). but on a lighter note.. FOOD FOOD FOOOD.. yum...