Will you be scared when you stand at the edge of a bridge?

December 29, 2008 4:21am CST
I was scared when I stood there. Deep breathe, twice, then declined myself!!! It was quiet after that, you can not hear anything except the sound of the wind. And you can not see anything except the shining lake. Beautiful!! Really. You must have a try! I felt the world only belong to myself, and I let all the stuff away at that moment.
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• United States
29 Dec 08
hi wang...i would be scared standing at the edge of a bridge. i can't swim hehe. but there is a peaceful feeling being near water with no one else around. i always enjoyed it when i had the chance. we use to live near a river and i'd go down to it with no one around and my mind would wander in the quiet of the rippling waters. i loved it. i miss it. ahhh.