regaurding the browns:romeo and phil are canned !

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December 29, 2008 8:56am CST
this may be the best thing the browns done all season!!!so you agree or disagree?and why?
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29 Dec 08
I must admit that the Browns had a ton of talent available to be a great team this year, but seemed to have blown it big time. I do not know if it was so much coaching or managing, but they are the fall guys. With a team effort they probably could have done better. However who knows if they were really trying as hard as they could have been!
@stinge (810)
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29 Dec 08
well I just looked on, and Romeo Crennel went 24-40 in 4 seasons. I think this year was a big dissapointment after the success they had last year. I really thought the Browns were on the come up. They draft Brady Quinn, only to have Drek Anderson out play him for the starting quarterback position. Everyone thought they would pick up were they left off last year, and they fooled everyone. I don't know why Derek Anderson struggled so much. I'm not a big football analyst, and I haven't seen enough of the Browns to say why they are so bad this year. when the team plays like crap, the coach always gets the blame. After what they did on the field this year, maybe it was a good move. I heard a comment on espn radio this morning. It was former Atlanta Falcon Jamal Anderson saying that the Browns need a GPS system to find the endzone because they haven't been able to find it for weeks.
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@mscott (1923)
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30 Dec 08
The GM should have gone for sure. He refused to take responsibility for anything and basically threw the coach under the bus and said it was all his fault. It didn't help that both QBs got hurt but that was a lot of money they had sitting out the season. They couldn't score and they couldn't stop anyone so they have a real mess to clean up. It could be worse though, they could be the Lions.