what book tops your 2008 list?

United States
December 29, 2008 10:07am CST
I don't read much except to my kids so I can't really answer this question, but am curious to see your list.
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• Philippines
29 Dec 08
hi there, floridachick.. since you've mentioned kids, i can only think of one in my list which i think you and your kids will enjoy: "The Big Book of Questions and Answers" by Sinclair Ferguson. happy new year!
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• Canada
1 Jan 09
I just finished off an excellent book by Bebe Moore-Campbell (or is it Bebe Campbell-Moore?) called "Successful Women, Angry Men" about the reasons why men seem to turn on successful women. The conclusions that I drew from this fantastic book are that people need to quit being slaves to their lifestyles. that is to say that we woudln't need to work so hard if we weren't so tired to paying for material lifestyles, and that it's all about balance. It's important for both genders to work at what they love doing, not to work to be slaves to the material world. Also, WOMEN ARE NOT THE KEEPERS OF THE FRIGGEN MALE EGO!!!!! Enough of this name-change stuff, and staying at home, and being traditional. it's not our problem if men were raised to think that "the little woman" was going to stay home and take care of them. We have lives too, dangit!