What do you say if somebody hits on you when you're in a hurry?

United States
December 29, 2008 7:42pm CST
And most importantly,how do you feel? Now,don't take me wrong,I think it's very sweet and flattering when somebody likes and we should appreciate it but some occasions are just not right... I didn't start this discussion to promote myself but I can't think of any examples besides my own. For example,I was at the mall once looking for a last-minute gift before my bus would take off. I finally found it and as I was running towards the exit I was stopped by a security guy. I must stress out that I was in a real hurry and he had to yell "Hey! Hey! Hey!" and outstretch his arms to stop me from head-butting him lol So I stand there looking like I'm in a bad need of #1,that is shuffling my feet and looking anywhere except at him while he gives me his bio with full details. At the end I managed to say something sort of "Well,Thomas the Security Guy,it was very nice to meet you but I really have to go and maybe I'll see later" thinking that next time I better take a shortcut lol And again,it would be flattering in another situation but he already annoyed me by being insensible since I was looking at my watch every second and giving all sorts of negative body language. How would that make you feel and what would you say to that person?
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