MY GF is jealous...Help..

December 29, 2008 11:51pm CST
My girlfriend is a jealous girl. I occassionally see or hang out with a girl that I had a past relationship. My ex is so cool, that so easy to get along with despite the fact that our relationship then did not worked out, as other say, some good things never last. My concern is my current GF when everytime I go out with an ex when she knows about it, she never stop calling and texting, in other words, she keeps on monitoring. I felt like she does not trust me, and that bothers me alot. Should I stop seeing with my ex? When I know my self that I am not guilty.
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• Malaysia
30 Dec 08
My advice, bring her along when you are seeing your ex... make it a open relationship!
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@sid556 (30988)
• United States
2 Jan 09
Actually, you have to decide which is more important to you...your friendship with your ex or you current relationship? Truthfully, I am friends with most of my exes. If a person that I am dating is jealous, I respect that and so do they. They don't come around while I'm seeing someone and I definitely do not go and hang out with them while I'm seeing someone. I have too much respect for my guy and the relationship itself. I don't give up the friendship. I include my boyfriend in our friendship rather than exclude him. I would never dream of going out with an ex on a friend basis without inviting my current boyfriend. If he was uncomfortable with that..i'd respect that and probably not go. It doesn't sound as if you really care if this relationshp lasts or does not so I'd say that you should break up with her.
• Malaysia
30 Dec 08
Easy matter mannnnn!!!. Meaning, that she loves you much much much. Actually you started the trouble. You must understand that she is 'allergic' to your outdoor activity especially to that kind of your participation. So now, no need for you to stop seeing your ex, but, you have to make proof or prove to her that there are many positive values gained in your relationship. Let say any lucrative business from your many ex-girlfriends connections that really you make money from them. If just only for cups of drink and just waste your time, I think, better stop. One more thing when we do talking about female, anything in this world male can have more than one BUT female hate to hear about her boyfriend/husband sharing the supreme territorial life partnership with someone else. They only want their bucket is only for them. Male too, isn't it?....ha ha ha.
@y2krimi (134)
• India
30 Dec 08
If you want your girl friend and if you respect your current relationship then you have to stop seeing with your ex.she loves you and that's why she reacts like this,not because she does not trust you,she does not wants to lose you.spend enough time with her and give her the love that she deserve.she is your best friend and i don't think you need should discuss about this topic with her and try to fulfill her me,you both will be happy....