Did any of your past New Year's resolution ever work out ok?

December 30, 2008 10:37am CST
None of my previous new year's resolution ever did work out ok. I got to do it only for a few months, then after that I'm back to where I started. For instance, last year I decided not to eat junk foods anymore. I was doing fine for about 2 months, then somehow the urge just crept back in, and that's the end of that resolution. How about your previous new year's resolution, did they ever work out ok, are you still following that resolution of yours till this day?
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• India
31 Dec 08
yeah they do cuz other wise everyoen would just b a loser happy lotting and have a happy new year
@wolfie34 (26790)
• United Kingdom
30 Dec 08
Do you have the same problem as me we tend to have the same new years resolutions as the year before and the year before that, they are always the same? Well this year I thought I'd have different resolutions, goals to achieve and I have put months beside them because they become more real if you see where I am going, just to say I will get myself a place on my own is empty thinking, but to say I will move out in June is more positive, more permanent. As for last years resolutions well yes I did achieve going back to the gym, I managed to do that, in March and I still go regularly 5 times a week since I made the resolution. I also wanted to get some therapy and I achieved that too, so I am quite pleased at my achievements for 2008. But 2009 is going to be extra special! Good luck with yours and a very happy 2009!
• United States
30 Dec 08
I don't make New Year's resolutions, becaues they always fail for me. Instead I set New Year's goals. This way I can set smaller goals to reach the bigger/main goal. As a reach each little goal, I cross it off the list. This has worked for me the past several years. With one exception; to lose weight. I am still working on this one and will keep working on it as a goal, not just a new year's goal. It is a hard thing to do. Keep trying though and you will get there. 2 months at a time isn't bad. If you fall off the wagon, get back on as soon as you can. That way you will succeed. Don't view eating junk food as failing and give up all together. Eat the junk food, then start over with your commitment to not eat junk food. You can do it.