What does love need?

December 30, 2008 1:06pm CST
We often think about caring for the partner but what is that, that really makes the difference i love life. is that just the feeling?
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• Philippines
3 Jan 09
if i may quote Kahlil Gibran "love is sufficient unto love"... Yes, caring for our partners and vice versa can be a good gesture of love yet love is only suuficient unto love also... there's nothing more that love needs but love too... It's not being selfish or what but we need to admit that love equates love.. it will only grow and develop if it is given and is received in return...
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@delkar (1715)
• Romania
4 Jan 09
You`re right. I think like you too . If you wanna great love, endless love, you must love your partner,but you must be loved,to make your love endless. but for that, you must find you half, you make it to be like your half.
@liisafiat (660)
• Latvia
30 Dec 08
It is about showing the affection, taking care about other and showing Your love. Unconditional support and showing that You believe in Your partner, whatever he/she is doing. That she/he is great, regardless his/her flou or broken arm! The best thing about love is that DOES NOT NEED MUCH. Many little things can brighten it up. Some words. Some touches. Looks and eyes. Helping to carry heavy bags from the local marketplace.
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@delkar (1715)
• Romania
1 Jan 09
i think that love needs to comunicate a lot with your partner,to make cute things, to say cute words, to feel wonderful in his/her company, to think about her/him all the time you fell lonely. Love needs a lot of attention and must be from the both sides.