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@meoasis (720)
December 30, 2008 10:56pm CST
i am currently reading a novel about history of philosopy called SOPHIES WORLD .i could at least figure out the basic belives of human history in differnt times and what contributed to todays world and that was really intersting.but it was not necessary that i had to know it? how important is reading? we have sevaral times seen that a illiterate businessman earns more than a graduated man ?in this context how important is education?do you have good answers
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• Philippines
31 Dec 08
reading is of utmost importance. it is through reading that we learn so much about what has been compiled. the compilation of everything is everything that this world has gone through. but, we need not read all about what has gone with the world from the very beginning. if this is anybody's target, there is no way that this can be achieved. this is the reason why we have to choose which field of interest shall we be pursuing in our lifetime. it is easy to see that if we target to learn everything that the world has to offer us, there is no way that our lifetime will be sufficient to do so. to be an expert on one field is all that we need to pursue in order to do sufficiently in life. so you are right about saying that there are so many things in this world that we need not know about at all.