Getting on well with kids

@maximax8 (30126)
United Kingdom
December 31, 2008 9:05am CST
My 19 month old son is getting off the floor and knelling up at things. He keeps trying to touch my DVD recorder. He even managed to open the disk drive and take the disk out. So I closed the side of the cabinet that I needed to. Then I showed him an exciting toy to avoid him feeling sad. He had a smile on his face again in next to no time. He has been opening my dog cabinet and then giving my dogs some snacks to eat. So I thought if I should put a toddler proof lock on it. I decided not to and changed my dog cabinet into a place for my son's toys. Now it is lovely to see him opening the door and getting out toys to play with. If you have kids how do you help them to enjoy life? Has your life changed because of kids? Mine has as a teacher and as a parent.
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@sweetyethot (1738)
• China
4 Jan 09
It must be a great thing to be a mom.Im a girl of 26, and I wish i could get married before 2010. Its not easy to find somesone special for me.My friends have gotten married one by one, and some of them are already moms.I love to paly with their babies.I wanna be a great mom, as you said,as a teacher and parent or even friend.
@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
2 Jan 09
hi maxima,i had my 18months old daughter and i enroll her to the nearest nursery..coz she can climb to our dining table and jump it was too dangerous for her so decided to enroll her shes doing ok.
@penny64 (1106)
• Australia
2 Jan 09
My daughter is a constant joy, even when she's driving me totally crazy. I would never have believed it possible to love another person so much. Maximax8, you sound like you are a wonderful mum. Distracting and rearranging are such positive solutions to toddler exploration! I still can't believe that mine starts school in just a few weeks. I think you have to enjoy every moment, as the moments flash by so quickly.
@williamjisir (22900)
• China
1 Jan 09
parenting is for a lifetime - parenting is for a lifetime. we teach our kids how to ... how to and still ...until they know how to do it well.
Hello maximax. It was the same with my son when he was small. He used to touch things that he was able to reach. So we had to be careful with those things that might hurt him. Yeah, we parents are both teachers as well as parents to our kids during the course of their growth. Parenting is for a lifetime. Happy parenting, friend.
31 Dec 08
Oh the joys!!! How has life changed with kids - TOTALLY!!! Life before kids was selfish, fun, busy, and all about US! Life after kids is all about them, nothing about us, fun, busy, hectic, stressful and all about THEM! They do put a smile on our faces and make us laugh daily - even when you are mad at them one minute and then cuddling them the next. I wouldn't change my life or my kids for anything! Violetdreams