What if the aliens come to earth?

December 31, 2008 9:44am CST
I was wondering what would happen if the aliens come to earth, are they going to be our friends or enemies. If they have a better technolgy then us probaly it can go for us or agaisnt us because in that way they might be able to help us a lot or destroy us completely.
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@pooshy05 (48)
• United States
31 Dec 08
I think itwould be kind of weird i dont think they would speak our language and besides they will be like e.t. he was nice or was he.:/
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• India
6 Jan 09
first of all they will surely have a better technology than us for the fact that they have reached earth is the very reason iam saying so, second if they have a better technology than us then they surely no y they came to this planet, also knowing that we are weaker than us they will surely attack us to dominate our planet !! i think i make my point here very clear !