How did you feel when you bought and used a computer for the first time?

@apples99 (6562)
United States
December 31, 2008 6:29pm CST
The first time I ever used a computer was two years ago, I was like WOW! this is so cool hahaha I know that might seem silly to all you computer vets out there but I was really excited, because I had never had one before, nor had I ever used one before until now, so I was really interested in how everything works and since I pretty much taught myself how to use the computer theres still so much I need to learn, and I'm still very careful though because I'm learning that theres a lot of things I have to be careful of but for the most part computers are really fun. Well tell me how you felt when you bought and used a computer for the very first ever and I how did you learn how to use your computer?
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@inuceres (342)
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
i feel very happy with tears of joy, when my father gave my very own computer it very useful i am aware that it's very addicted you know what i am saying.
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
6 Jan 09
Hey, Well the first time my parents bought me computer for the first time I was overwhelmed. I couldn't wait until they could unbox it for me. The first time I actually got my computer was in 2003 so back then computers weren't really that common, and not to mention Internet. I kinda felt privileged that I had a new computer. At the same time I felt scared to use it because my parents kept on telling me "Be careful that you don't stuff it up. We payed a lot of money for this so I expect you to not wreck it an to use it for the stuff that you need" The computer is still being used by my brother still today. I also was quite curious to see how everything works and to find out new things. No one really taught me how to use a computer, we just kinda went through and somehow learnt it (as the way kids do) you know?
@Humbug25 (12551)
4 Jan 09
Hi there apples99 We were really excited when we first had a computer and was able to send emails to my family and friends but it did cause a few problems with my husband at the time as some of my friends used their husbands accounts and he thought I was talking to men and stuff. That was over 2 years ago and I have got my own computer and no husband and I love using it. I can do what I want when I want like everything really!
@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
2 Jan 09
I got my first computer back in 2002 and the feeling was overwhelming. It kept me awake up to the wee hours in the morning! I was just so excited about the things i can with my computer like go to the internet even if i was still using an internet prepaid card back then. I love making webpages so i got a lot of time experimenting unlike when i was still using my friend's computer at his home. The movies, don't forget about the movies. The computer can play endless types of movie format so i really don't need to buy a specific player. With lots of things i have done with my computer, i don't even know how to end this response. I'm just thankful i've experienced having a computer because it's been with me all throughout.
@ladynetz (968)
• Canada
2 Jan 09
I had someone to teach me how to use it. It's like when you do anything for the fist time. You need guidance and support. And then it's up to you how you use what you learned, if you go and search for yourself things that can be done. The internet gives us such a large rainbow of activities we can take part in, so many things we can achieve, work, play, watch movies, downlod all kind of information we need. Find out prices, deals, sales. Even when you use he computer every day, you still have to learn so much because every day there's something new out there...
• United States
2 Jan 09
The first time I used a computer for something besides something we did in school. It was my Aunt's so I had limited access to it, but I thought it was amazing, and from that moment on I wanted one, it was a few months later before my parents finally decided to buy a computer for the family. When we got it I was excited to finally have a computer in the house. I learned some of the basics in elementary school, but the rest I figured out myself after we got our first computer.
@sandy112 (21)
• Singapore
2 Jan 09
i dont really remember how i feel when i 1st play computer but, each time my bro reformat until it done . i will straight away download my online games and play ^^