Procrastination, that's me, how could I get off from it...?

@mobhomeir (7565)
December 31, 2008 9:34pm CST
Happy new year guys! Each one of us has an attitude that we don't like that we like to change it or minimize it. No matter how the urge and eagerness for us to do that, still we can't change it but rather can minimize a little. I have fond of procrastination. That's always a big blunder of myself that I regretted much and too late to cover it up thereafter the result. I am just being honest of who is me. Any suggestions how could I get out from it?
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@hari120 (623)
• India
1 Jan 09
First note down all the jobs that you have to do give them serial numbers. afterwards start completing them one by one by order of priority. you can open an excel sheet for this purpose . add one column for date and another column for no of days delay . this will help you to keep a tab of how long you are taking to respond to each issue.
@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
yes a good idea. I never knew that. Sure I would try that. Thank you very much
• United States
2 Jan 09
Wow....that sounds incredibly organized. As a chief procrastinator myself I don't think I would even get the list made!