What happens to us when we die ?

January 1, 2009 4:50am CST
Its been a heated question for decades. Who deserves to go to heaven and who deserves to go to hell ? I think the question we should be asking is who doesnt deserve to go to hell ?
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@mommyboo (13197)
• United States
1 Jan 09
I don't feel that it's a matter of 'deserves'. I don't know that I actually believe in heaven or hell, although I do believe that we live on in a form other than our physical bodies. Since nobody ever comes back to talk about what happens, we don't know. All anybody can do is guess, theorize, believe or not believe various things. What I HOPE is that we have peace after we die, or perhaps it is like this - before babies are born, they are alive. They can hear, feel, move, see light and dark. All they know though is life inside the womb, which is OBVIOUSLY much different than life when they are born. Maybe after we die it's like that, we are 'born' into something else. Now WE know that life after birth is incredible, but a baby doesn't know that. They are thrust into it without warning usually, labor and birth happens within a 24 hour period usually. They also have very little understanding of our world and are probably terrified on top of being completely helpless. Babies learn though as they grow, how things work, about the people who love us, hopefully who to trust and not to trust, etc. I'm not even sure if I can touch on your comment about 'who doesn't deserve to go to hell' because that would indicate I believe in a higher power who is vindictive and expects people to 'deserve' anything, somebody who punishes. We are all given free will as human beings, the ability to make choices. We aren't infallible. We don't see the future or know how anybody will react to anything we do. Since we all make mistakes, based on that framework, all of us are doomed before we even exist. I can't accept that, because then what would be the point of living? I prefer to believe there is a point and that the point is to learn something AND enjoy the journey.
@lockheart (1405)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
we will only know that if we already die.. not unless a human go to heaven or hell then comes back again to life as a human... it's beyond our intelligence, what we only have is theories and hypothesis.. no concrete answer for this.. no one living in this world could answer this..
@hellojam (42)
• India
1 Jan 09
No body knows. I dont believe this. But if such a thing is there, ppl who does not trouble others will go to heaven. Honestly speaking I dont trouble others :)