r u living a technoholic life ????????

January 1, 2009 6:36am CST
technology is all around us. if u turn your head around there only u will get so many gadgets. one is computer and internet in which we r working. so many other things are also there. i will list somme of them like mobile,camera,ipod,radio,washing machine,coffee maker,juicer,fridge,fan,microwave,tv,car,bike,atm machine,clock,................... etc the list is endless. we r so addicted to all these gizmos and gadgets that we cannot live even a single day without these things. dont u think we hav become technoholic, just badly addicted to technology and i think the day is not so far when our all daily works will be completed by robots. i know its good science is increasins day by day but with the same we r becoming more dependent. we are no longer remain independent. wat you say????
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