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January 1, 2009 8:38am CST
One of thethings i intend to do this year is take less pain killers. The trouble is I woke up this mornin with stomach cramp.yep you guessed it, I got a little new years "present" Does anyone know of any thing I can do to help alleviate headache and stomach cramp without resorting to pills? ALso I dont have a hot water bottle yet.
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• India
1 Jan 09
I you don't have a hot water bottle then better get one as the little new year's "present" will not want you to take pills fro pains as it will becoem painful for the 'Present'. You have to learn to tolerate a bit of pain. to alleviate pain do a bit of deep breathing. Do a bit of yoga ot tone up the body and regulate the blood flow so that you get less pains and cramps.
1 Jan 09
I think you misunderstand me :)
@Shar19 (8236)
• United States
1 Jan 09
I know it's hard not to reach for those pain killers when you're aching. For my headaches I always try and lay down with a very cold washcloth on my forehead. Sometimes I'll even put some water in a bowl with ice in it and keep wringing out the washcloth in the ice water. It helps me but I know sometimes we aren't always home to do that. You can also try pressing the space between your two eyebrows with your forefinger. Apparently applying pressure there will relieve a headache. Sometimes it works for me. For your cramps try the yoga pose called "child's pose". Sit on your knees on the floor and bend foreward with your arms laying next to your side. You can also extend your arms foreward if you want. This has also helped with my cramps. Hope some of these ideas help you. Happy New Year.
1 Jan 09
I'll try them, thanks :)