Thriller Books ? ????

@yahoo4 (80)
January 1, 2009 11:58am CST
I am a crazy reader of thriller books . But my parents don't like this. They always say those harmful for teenager and corrupt human character. What is your opinion ?
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@raxxie (128)
• Mexico
12 Jan 09
It seems to me that the problem is comunication. have your parents actually read the books you like? I think you should talk to them. Be honest and respectful and tell them why do you like those books. Ask them to read a couple of your favourites and discuss them with you. I think it's great that they worry about you, but maybe they need to open a bit their minds. If after talking to them they refuse to read what you like, at least you'll know you tried your best. You can keep buying or borrowing the books you like. But if they do and still they think the books you like are unappropriate to your age, and they give you good reasons, why don't you ask them to find books both of you find interesting? I'm sure there are thrillers that don't corrupt human character ;) Good luck!
@arijit2 (79)
• India
7 Jan 09
well i love thriller books and I just can't stay without them. the way the suspense is brought about the the way the mystery continues in any good book is just breath stopping.
@lazeebee (5466)
• Malaysia
2 Jan 09
Hi Yahoo, if my parents knew what I read when I was growing up, they would most likely burn them all. I had all along enjoyed reading murder mysteries, true crime and horror stories. Anyway, there was no call for alarm. I didn't turn out to be a serial killer, psychopath, monster, whatsover! I believe it's us - why we read such books - for me it was entertainment. As long as we don't get overwhelmed, influenced or obsessed with the books, they would remain as what they are - stories!
@SomeCowgirl (32219)
• United States
2 Jan 09
I am not really sure as to how much they effect anyone. I guess it depends on the individual. Some people can not handle such books without then thinking about horrible things, while others read it just for the little scare, and that's all.
• United States
1 Jan 09
I think your parents would hate what I read I love supernatural books like vampires,werewolfs,witches,shapshifters and demons.I love this kinds of books but my grandma reads thriller books.Hope you will get to read what you like.